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An honest review of this health anxiety book from a warrior on his way to inner freedom. You can pick up your copy today on Amazon.

I will not mince words; I suffer from health anxiety and have developed a habit of overthinking things and events, which leads to extreme stress and a lack of motivation to live to my full potential. Yes, I would discuss this with my close friends and partner; they would offer their perspective and encourage me, but the influence was always fleeting, at best.

It seems that there was a conflict inside me, a self-inflicted wound that only I can heal; a mental block that only I can get past. I looked inward and consulted health anxiety books, but to be honest, most of them were half-baked, superficial, and didn’t provide much clarity; Until I came across The Essential Guide to Health Anxiety by Dennis Lightning.
Although a group of people complimented me with terms like “sincere” and “productive,” I knew they were joking and that what I had accomplished was far less than I was capable of.

I was someone who could get easily frustrated, discouraged, and often upset when things didn’t go my way.

If my partner scolded me for being forgetful or too careless, I would either talk back or blame him or get angry, and then things would get ugly. When one of my friends pulls my leg in my public WhatsApp group, I would take it personally. I would be offended if someone said something against my favorite actor or political figure. Despite my best efforts, I would feel disappointed when I failed. I took the rejection personally and blamed it on my lack of good looks and my inability to communicate well. I’m so down in the dumps that I’m suspicious of any compliments that come my way.

Combine that with an overwhelming fear of anxiety symptoms turning into physical illness, and I had a recipe for constant misery and suffering.

When a celebrity suddenly passed away, I would be devastated and feel like I had made a mistake with my own health. The wake-up call is fine, but I enjoyed the exaggeration and the unnecessary obsession. As I also get older, I often wonder which part of my body will give way to disease first. Blurry vision meant something was wrong with my kidney. I had an inability to concentrate severe depression. Recurring headaches meant something really troubling was in store for me. And many diseases and conditions were asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms at all!

In my personal and professional life, I would lose sleep over mistakes, bad decisions, and misbehavior that cost me a lot of time and opportunities. And I would wake up late and sluggish, not in the mood to do anything productive, self-doubt, and always reluctant to do anything outside of my job. comfort zone. Thinking too much was my favorite pastime; Even during pleasurable activities like watching a thriller or making love, I blame myself for going elsewhere in my mind. Guess what, it’s all in the recent past.

The good news is that I am on the right track, I am proactive, I have a better mind and I am at peace with myself.

This is primarily due to Dennis Lightning’s ‘Essential Guide to Health Anxiety’, the go-to health anxiety book for the neck. It has been my guide in developing a progressive mindset and being a positive, empowering force to take responsibility for my actions and work towards a prosperous and peaceful future.

The Essential Guide to Health Anxiety is comprised of 20 chapters, each one packed with rich information on how to overcome health anxiety, defined as a “chronic state of psychological and physiological fear.” One of the key takeaways from this health anxiety book is the concept and re-framingthe practice of creating and using various images and visuals to change the associations created in our subconscious mind for past and future events.

“The Essential Guide to Health Anxiety” says up front that if you’re confused, you need to figure out what’s not working. It works on the basics of health, such as working on proper breathing patterns, practicing proper posture (power poses), and slowing down everything you do – whether it’s talking, walking, driving, eating; and so on. This is because when you slow down, you are in control and less prone to panic, confusion and anxiety.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Believe me, the same boring thing every day leads to stagnation and gives rise to pejorative thoughts. I consciously decided to muster an ounce of courage to plant a new one core beliefs and I must say the process has been quite transformational. I’m not the same person anymore, I don’t hold grudges, I don’t hold grudges, I don’t blame others, not even myself. Now the energy is focused on small victories throughout the day. Yes, I’m not trying to be perfect or impress anyone. I’m just aiming to have a good time, just going through a process of self-discovery and improvement as I learn new things.

The Essential Guide to Health Anxiety looks at empowering actions like courage and confidence as healthy replacements for negative limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind.

When you act against fear-based beliefs embedded in your subconscious mind, you create new beliefs and a new direction for your life. Another underrated but equally important aspect of healing your health anxiety is practicing the 333 method, an effective way to recharge your emotional batteries.

Dennis Simsek (The Anxiety Guy) offers many self-care ideas that pair beautifully with core care. answers and massage, dry skin brushing, magnesium baths, citrus baths, tea baths, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, laughter and hugs, and more. new aspects of the book such as All this enhances your positive emotions and creates a sense of euphoria that boosts productivity and happiness.

The Essential Guide to Health Anxiety is the consultant you’ve secretly been wishing for.

It made me introspective about my personal perceptions, personal biases, negative environments, tired people, self-limiting beliefs, food choices, entertainment choices and career opportunities, knowing where I was going and changes, a new, empowering future for myself.

Often less thought is given body symptoms this increases anxiety. What I like most about the book is that it works on a body-mind-spirit approach to healing health concerns and puts the mindset first in healing. The book reminds you that healing a health concern from the same personality that got you there is a losing battle. Rather, the key is to step beyond preconceived beliefs and step into the unknown world of your higher self.

This health anxiety book teaches you the value of loving your body, but not obsessing over it.

Once you understand the internal and external factors that influence your decision-making, you’re on your way to creating a brighter future than expected. As someone who has benefited from The Essential Guide to Health Anxiety, I’m sure it can be a life-changing guide for many anxiety sufferers and even those who feel confused and overwhelmed by any setback. So read it today!

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