Solo travel allows you to roam. There are no schedules, expectations of others, or anything to keep you from falling asleep. It’s just you and your time.
Although I am happily married, we allow each other this freedom for many reasons.

solo travel

Hello Big Apple!

Why Solo Travel?

It’s easier when you’re traveling alone to get into great restaurants, especially since you can often sit at the bar for lunch or enjoy their signature home-cooked meals.

You can choose exactly the attractions that speak to you without having to coordinate with others who often fall behind or dislike your choices. (Uh – bugs, critters, itchy things.)

When I travel solo, I find that I have an innate radar that helps me find the coolest local favorite coffee shop to sit in, where I can think, read, magazine, blog, or surf. network for hours. It’s not all about assignments or commitments. It is also a fact that I am satisfied with the freedom of talking to a stranger (many) incidental extraversion needs. Either way, solo travel empowers me to be who I want to be, WHEN i want to be A few other benefits that I have observed come to mind.

The logistics aren’t that difficult when the other is only going for a few travel days, but more importantly, you don’t have to miss out. your very long bed.

It’s like breathing in a terrible, long breath.–Page Rutledge, LCSW

Sometimes, even if your particular routine isn’t boring, you really need to break the routine. Punctuate your life with planned escapes that allow you to think ahead and savor them later. It’s really rejuvenating. Like an exhalation from a great long breath.

Of course, I understand that traveling alone is a privilege. Traveling costs money, and if you have a demanding job, whether it’s work, parenting, or both, you need the time flexibility to do it.

But if you can do it – nothing beats the comfort and peace of mind you’ll get from traveling solo.

Need more peace?

If less stress and peace of mind is something you are missing and you want more, contact me here. I live in Wilmington, North Carolina and it is my joy to help others find peace.

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