What if you could turn a “negative” uncomfortable emotional state into a “positive” one in a heartbeat? In this episode of the Anxiety Boy podcast, you’ll learn how, enjoy (and remember to do Subscribe on Apple)!

Show notes from this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast:

  • Physiologically, there is no difference with negative positive emotional state. There is no difference between nervous and excited, angry and successful, sad and relaxed.
  • What we really play with are perceptual filters and labels. We mean the creator beings.
  • The right questions can lead to a shift in focus and perception.

anxiety and fear


  1. What is interesting instead? Are the children crying? Are you angry? It’s exciting to have the opportunity to implement a new response to make them less anxious. Is there an operation? Is he crazy? Remind yourself of all the things you can do after it’s done and recovered.
  2. What is cool about this experience? Are the children crying again? I have a child! Do I get on the plane? “I’m 30,000 feet in the air in a tube that takes me from one side of the world to the other.” This question awakens your lighter and more wonderful side.
  3. What part of this or any future experience should I focus on to avoid anxiety? You discover to start healing. Every anxiety sufferer unconsciously applies a step-by-step formula that ultimately puts them in a “feeling and worrying” state.

Don’t believe your perceptions of your anxious feelings, because often the self-perception is there to keep you in a state of addiction to suffering.

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