Allowing meditation is not as easy as it seems

The profound opportunity of meditation is to completely let go of any attachment to your existing frame of interpretation.

All the experiences we have, every feeling we have, go through a complex and largely unconscious interpretation mechanism.

Our experience is not only self-evident.

It looks like something.

It looks predestined, but it certainly isn’t predestined.

It is interpreted.

It only feels predetermined because we are not aware of the interpretation.

We do not see the interpretation process, so we think that everything is as it appears to us.

We believe that we see reality as it is, not through the lens of interpretation.

Pass by

Not only is it difficult enough to let go of our conscious thoughts about everything, but even our unconscious interpretations of things, it is the profound opportunity of meditation to truly let go.

And you will not be able to do it by an act of will. It’s something you can allow to happen, but not something you can do consciously, because it doesn’t happen consciously.

The only way to let go is to not deal with anything going on in your mind, meaning anything you feel or think about what you feel.

You just let it all go without a hitch.

This means that you have to let every physical sensation, every feeling that arises, your thoughts, your thoughts about your thoughts, even the thoughts you feel like you are talking to yourself, all rise up and go.

If you can do this, you will inevitably transcend all interpreted experiences of the mind.


So, in meditation, I invite you to be as physically still as possible, and let whatever arises in consciousness pass away without touching it, without being involved in any way.

Whatever is in consciousness, you release it.

You do not distinguish between nothing and nothing else.

You just let everything go untouched.

If you realize you’re into something, you don’t have to look to see what you’re up to.

As soon as you first admit that you’re involved with something, you just let it go and move on. You let it pass.

Go Go

If you can do this carefully enough, you will begin to feel disconnected from the world.

If you start to feel it, let it go.

Don’t bother trying to see what’s going on.

The desire to see how you’re doing is always there.

Let the temptation pass without touching.

As soon as you realize you have touched something, let it go.

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