Today I want to tell you about the real connection between overstimulation and anxiety, and whether there is such a thing as good stimulation. Enjoy the podcast episode below.

Here are the 3 main points I talk about today on the Stimulation and Anxiety guy podcast:

  • The randomness of your daily life that perpetuates your anxiety and succumbs to artificial stimulation.
  • How most of us are governed, no we control our own lives This causes us to succumb to the fastest way to feel satisfied, which is artificial stimulation.
  • How can we be aware of the labels we put on things, because it’s the labels that bother us and limit us many times. For example, reality shows should not mean entertainment or entertainment.

I also go in depth on the difference between natural and artificial stimulation. Here are some examples of both:

Artificial: social media, video games, sugar-laden sports drinks, junk food, TV, gossip.

Of course: Quality conversations with others, communication with nature, breath workjournaling, reflecting by the fire pit, exercising, sexual activity.

stimulation and anxiety

Overstimulation and anxiety go hand in hand, and it’s up to us to change certain habits.

Today we know we are a little better. An anxious life is no life at all, but we unconsciously value our anxiety, which makes it more difficult to overcome. Anxiety is not a necessary condition for realizing what you really want to achieve. Yours the subconscious mind may think so, but it does not reflect the truth for us.

Enjoy today’s podcast and let’s continue this wonderful positive momentum with the warrior.

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