OM090 - You Can Die Tomorrow by Kate Manseri

Kate Manser is very happy to be alive. Here is his story.

In 2013, Keith’s 27-year-old manager at Google and his 27-year-old college friend died in unrelated, unexpected tragedies. This shocked and horrified him, and he developed a fear of death that began to take over his life: he would imagine being shot while crossing an intersection, he would imagine how the phone call would go when he got the news that his mother had died, and he would avoid taking any risks for fear of the unknown. It completely clouded the beauty of admiration.

About a year later, Kate’s colleague and adventure idol Dan Fredinburg died in the Nepal earthquake at the age of 33 while climbing Mount Everest. As he tried to make sense of his loss, he realized that he knew he could die climbing this mountain, but he really had to climb it to live.

In that moment, everything changed for him: he realized that he had no complete control over when or how he would die – but he had full control over how he lived until that mysterious moment came. All of Kate’s energy spent on her fear of death was immediately channeled into living each day as if she were going to die tomorrow.

Since then, he’s made drastic changes in his life to better align with his soul—including quitting his job at Google, traveling the world for two years, and writing a book about how thinking about death improves life—but nothing has changed. as radical as his change of perspective. He lives urgently, loves wildly and is very grateful to be alive.

Life is Beautiful. Experience it with Kate on her blog, social media and her upcoming book You Could Die Tomorrow.


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