In today’s podcast episode, I want to introduce you to an experience that we don’t often think about, but is essential to your plan to treat anxiety. Enjoy and please take a minute to comment below about your biggest ideas.

Warriors, I’m going to challenge you in different ways each week of the Anxiety Healing Plan guys podcast. I will challenge you mentally, behaviorally and will test your old beliefs. Unless we improve our belief system, we will never find change. But in order to improve these beliefs, we need to admit which ones are outdated and don’t even belong to us.

Most of our beliefs are taken for granted, and a proper anxiety healing plan involves reversing them.

a way to heal anxiety

Today’s podcast episode is about discomfort training.

Anxiety and sensitivity is something many of us want to avoid, and today we will face our fears instead. It is an experience, even a way of life. A lifestyle that says I don’t want to live my life anymore, I only do things that bring me comfort. Practicing anxiety will give you flexibility in how you see things and will enhance your life experience.

Open your heart to this episode and I promise, you will reap many benefits. A proper anxiety healing plan is a type of behavior or imaginative exposure work, and today is the day we dive deep. Life is more than avoiding bad feelings and only moving towards what feels good. Soon you may not even know the difference between good and bad since your level Inner peace will raise

Enjoy the podcast episode fighter.

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