Recently, the question “is it a sign of anxiety or not” has been floating around the world of health anxiety, and today I’m presenting the best approach. Enjoy the episode guys…

For years I asked myself and others, “Is this a sign of anxiety or something physically serious?” I asked the question. The driving force behind our anxiety is an oft-repeated question. In this case, the question comes with an evidence-based answer after we have been examined by a doctor. But if we don’t believe the negative diagnosis, we can be on the road to health concerns that can last for years.

is a sign of anxiety

A logical and rational answer to the question of what is a symptom of anxiety rarely helps those suffering from health anxiety.

Facts just don’t work very well, the question is why?

Is the question “Is this a sign of concern” prompting a heavily invested part to escape? I believe this is possible because addiction to suffering is a very real phenomenon. A better question is ‘how can we get a person to trust a new idea?’ This new idea of ​​trust will lead them on the right path heals the roots of anxiety and this is the direction we must go together.

Our life experience depends on it types of questions we ask ourselves. Therefore, it is very important to move from the question of “is this a sign of concern” to something like “what is causing this part” once the diagnosis is actually made.

Medical Disclaimer: Please use this information only for the treatment of your anxiety. If you think you may need to see a doctor for any ailment, please do so and follow their instructions.

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