With meditation we can stay steady in any stormWhile meditating it is best to remain as still as possible and here is why.

Our physical stillness in meditation is a metaphor for our inner stillness.

In deep meditation, we discover an inner stillness that is not so much an act of stillness as it is a discovery of a side of ourselves that is always still.

In deep meditation we find a place within ourselves that has never moved, is not moving now, and will never be moving.

We are so identified with moving objects in consciousness that we make the mistake of thinking we are moving.

Those objects are not us. By becoming too still in practice, we find a place where we are still and always still.

If we think of stillness as something we do, when we inevitably blow it around with our thought and feeling experience, we think it’s because we’re not strong enough.

We realize that we haven’t built the right muscles to steady ourselves when the inevitable brain storms arise.

Imagine yourself in a boat, rowing in a choppy ocean, trying to keep moving steadily in a straight line. The waves keep taking you this way and that.

You think if I were stronger I could use these hours to keep myself stable.

But of course, in such a small boat, with those small oars, no matter how strong your arms are, you will not be able to maintain the stability you want.

Now imagine a huge ocean liner in the same choppy sea. The waves that used to be so big in a rower are now small licks on the outside of a giant hull.

An ocean liner can move perfectly straight without any difficulty because it is so big and heavy that it is not affected by the waves, which are very difficult in a boat.

The way to find stillness in our being is not by strengthening our inner muscles to hold ourselves steady.

Humility comes naturally when we increase the weight of our being. When we become spiritually serious enough, we will find that we are not affected by the superficial fluctuations of our mind.

The way we increase our spiritual weight is by spending time in awakened consciousness.

When you find the true place of innocence and humility within yourself and take the time to rest there, your spiritual being takes on substance.

You become more spiritually dense. Accumulating this spiritual weight means that we more naturally realize the true enormity of our existence, allowing us to remain stable in any storm.

As you sit, allow yourself to find the place that is always at the center of your being.

Where you live all your experiences.

A place that never moves.

Find your center and then notice that everything moves around it.

It still is.

Find this center and rest there in stability, peace and quiet.

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