In today’s world, people dealing with anxiety can range from having it wreak havoc on every aspect of their lives, to seeing it accompany them into the next chapter of their lives. What type are you?

Anxiety is a very difficult thing to admit and recover from progress is being made I mean. When we begin to see positive changes in our inner world, we begin to understand what is working and what is not. When this happens, we begin to understand the root causes of our anxiety and how to heal on a subconscious and ongoing level.

people dealing with anxiety

People Struggling With Anxiety Today Have Either Suffered From It Or Are More Curious.

The 3 individual types I discuss in today’s podcast are:

  1. Focused – They are aware but not awake, understanding progression within the healing ladder system, seeing old ideas, feelings, programs as opportunities to experience as they begin to surface.
  2. Crazy – They’re caught up (we’ve all been there), they don’t differentiate between feeling and what’s really real to them, they’re reactive, and they unconsciously fall back into suffering addiction (this YouTube video explains).
  3. Crashed – They have given up on the process, become emotionally and physically exhausted, but continue to engage in actions they know they need to replace, feel unworthy of recovery, and rarely consider the prospects against them. childhood beliefs say.

You are about to go deep into your inner world and understand the underlying patterns that keep you stuck. There are different types of people dealing with anxiety today, just make sure you are leading rather than causing anxiety.

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