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What is the Anxiety Protocol?

The Anxiety Protocol is a self-help book designed to help you overcome anxiety – any type of anxiety. Written by a psychiatrist, MD, medical doctor with experience in the field of anxiety. The Anxiety Protocol is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a form of psychotherapy that is a first-line treatment for anxiety.

The Anxiety Protocol comes in two books. book 1, Anxiety Protocol – Foundation: Understanding Anxiety Contains 22 chapters and discusses all major anxiety disorders. There is also a treatment section that discusses traditional treatments for anxiety, including CBT and prescription drug therapy. What makes this anxiety book unique is that it includes a comprehensive alternative treatment section and includes research on self-help for anxiety, natural supplements for anxiety, and alternative interventions for anxiety.

It is the 2nd book Anxiety Protocol – Forward: Treatment Plan, and consists of 9 chapters. This is a workbook with easy-to-follow instructions for anxiety relief. Book 2 contains practical and effective solutions for dealing with any type of anxiety and dealing with any anxiety-provoking situation.

How is the Anxiety Protocol Different?

The Anxiety Protocol is different from other anxiety self-help books. First of all, the Anxiety Protocol was written by an MD, a psychiatrist, an anxiety specialist. It is also based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment for anxiety. In addition, The Anxiety Protocol is part of a larger self-help program for anxiety, as it is linked to its sister site AnxietyBoss.com. Finally, what sets this anxiety book apart from the rest is The Anxiety Protocol’s 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back—no questions asked.

Does The Anxiety Protocol Work?

The Anxiety Protocol has numerous studies showing it to be effective for anxiety as a CBT-guided self-help intervention. A recent Cochrane Review found that media-presented CBT can be beneficial for people with anxiety who are unable or unwilling to access face-to-face CBT with a therapist.1 A review of multiple meta-analyses found that the majority of self-help intervention meta-analyses found large effects on depression and anxiety disorders, regardless of type of self-help intervention, and were as effective as face-to-face treatments.2 Another study found that self-help interventions for social phobia and panic disorder are effective and have the potential to increase access to cost-effective treatment.3 Common components of effective self-help interventions for anxiety disorders include psychoeducation, relaxation, leveled exposure, cognitive restructuring, anxiety management, and other techniques.4 and these are the components in the Anxiety Protocol.

Side effects

Because the Anxiety Protocol uses CBT, it may be associated with some worsening of anxiety symptoms when first starting treatment. If this side effect occurs, it will usually be short-lived, and then you can expect your anxiety symptoms to go away as treatment progresses.

Bottom line

The Anxiety Protocol is unlike any other self-help book for anxiety. The Anxiety Protocol is a practical, effective, convenient, inexpensive and evidence-based solution to anxiety relief that can be as effective as a live therapist.2 The Anxiety Protocol was written by MD, a psychiatrist with expertise in the field of anxiety. The Anxiety Protocol provides self-help skills and alternative methods for managing anxiety, including online support through the AnxietyBoss.com website.

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Regular price $19.99 Now only $9.99 via PayPal:

Purchase the Anxiety Protocol eBook and then a link will be provided for your pdf download.


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