Leadership, Coding and Meditation
Have you ever wanted to learn more about the connection between meditation, technology and leadership?

This week I’m happy to share an interview with you about this topic. I had the pleasure of joining former Navy SEAL platoon commander, FBI Special Agent and SWAT Operator Errol Doebler and his assistant Zac Ruiz for their Leadership in Tech Podcast.

I had an amazing time chatting with Errol and Zac and I think you will get a lot out of our discussion.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the show.

Morgan, Zac, and Errol bring in the new year by discussing meditation and how it can benefit leaders, tech workers, and everyone.

Below are the links Morgan provides to reference what he said during his interview, as well as to contact him or view his articles:




www.copyblogger.com/meditation-guide/ (includes references to many recent studies)

aboutmeditation.com/practicing-mindfulness-is-a-must-for-business-leaders/ (which goes deep into brain science, citing an HBR article)

aboutmeditation.com/beginners-guide-science-meditation-2/ (this is a guide to science and meditation)

aboutmeditation.com/beginners-guide-mindful-work-2/ (a series of articles on how mindfulness can help in the workplace)

aboutmeditation.com/beginners-guide-creating-meditation-habit-2-3/ (all about creating a meditation habit)

*(For detailed show notes, go directly to www.techonramp.com/leadership-in-tech/)*


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Presented by: Zachary Ruiz, Errol Doebler, Paul R. Maslany (Introduction)
Producers: Paul R. Maslany, Kara Wood
MUSIC: Big Big Boss by Nicolas Falcon

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