The Miracle of Meditation

My first book was called The Miracle of Meditation and it perfectly describes how I feel endlessly inspired to share with people.

My meditation practice has blessed me with a miracle, a miracle experience so beautiful and life-changing that I have been sharing it with people around the world non-stop for over fifteen years.

But what is the wonder of meditation?

Simply put, life is an evolving process guided by a universal source of wisdom and love, and direct recognition of the true source of life becomes immediately available to each of us as soon as we stop being distracted by other things.

Caught in a Loop

To a greater extent than any of us suspect, we limit our attention to a very small experience. What we think of as the totality of our experience is just a speck in an ocean of possibilities.

We are stuck in a noose like a dog tied to a tree. The calling circle of dead grass, determined by the length of our mental chains, becomes the limit of our world and life.

The cosmic joke is that there are no chains that bind us. We are closed by an invisible fence that exists only in our minds. This. The fence that defines our life is nothing more than a collection of ideas about who we are and what is possible for us.

When we sit to meditate, we do nothing. We stop trying to manipulate or control our experience anyway. We just let things be as they are.

It took many years of diligent practice before he could relinquish even a few moments of control. But in those few minutes, everything changed. When you relinquish control, you think everything stops, but in reality, nothing does.

Everything Goes On

What you discover is that everything you thought you were was part of life’s processes. Your own choices and efforts arise naturally as part of the life process. You never did any of these things. Everything happened spontaneously and effortlessly.

Even a moment of letting it go changes everything profoundly. Some people may object and want to preserve the present sense of free will and choice, but the miracle of meditation is not taking away your freedom. It is the realization of the greatest freedom there is—the freedom to relinquish control and experience for the first time the life process you are.

The miracle of meditation is the transformation from being an isolated individual struggling to navigate an often hostile world to becoming a mysterious center of consciousness on a journey of being that one can never understand.

After this moment, everything looks different. The problems we thought about began to disappear – not because they were solved, but because our attention is drawn by a mystery so fascinating that we can’t take our eyes off it.

We are fascinated by the mystery of life, the love and wisdom that always guides this process. We know that we are never alone and that even when bad things happen, life is amazing.

This is the wonder of meditation.

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