As someone currently experiencing anxiety, this vital need may not be met. Let’s break down what it is and find out how you can take it starting today…

If the suppression of thought, action, feelings and emotions and words creates and increases the likelihood of anxiety, freedom from anxiety is within the expression. Knowing this, the person experiencing anxiety has a duty to begin to understand how to fully express it, and the supporter has a duty to listen.

When someone going through anxiety feels heard, they will begin to heal.

someone is experiencing anxiety

Treating anxiety many times is simple, but not always easy.

It’s simple in the way we know what to do, but implementing that knowledge can be another challenge in itself. Don’t worry, experience makes perfect I’m told. And if it’s not perfect, you’ll at least start experience new ideas and beliefsthose that are truly yours and not accepted from others.

To hear is to draw closer, to bond, and to feel accepted and understood. Someone who has frequent anxiety attacks doesn’t have the luxury of feeling them naturally. Thus, experience must reshape the way we communicate and what we believe (this YouTube video will be the guide).

Experience changes the brain. We don’t think about what we want, we live it in the imagined or physical plane.

What this means for someone with anxiety is that as they feel more listened to and understood, they need to use that extra confidence to bring confidence to their words. new beliefs around themselves. The next move is key, it will bring momentum. When the positive impulse is with you, you no longer need special techniques. You just have to follow what you do intuition says that it is the next step.

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