Out-of-control thoughts can only lead a person to a future life based on a traumatic past. Here are the main steps to start stopping them from today…

Often, our most repetitive thoughts are negative rather than positive. Positive thoughts and stories do little to prepare us for imminent or potential danger. However, competing thoughts in the negative category prepare us in a way. The body mobilizes as the breathing becomes shallower and we are ready to fight or run away from a tiger that might jump out of the bushes at any moment.

These competing thoughts do little to bring us inner peace.

Finally, you’re so afraid of hearing “bad” news from that boss that you’ve never had, and your son had the time of his life when he went to two days of camp. These species thought patterns it can quickly become a way of life, even a part of one’s personality. As they become more consistent, they become more automatic. This can lead to creating ideas, stories and images that we don’t want to have.

There are a lot of anxiety symptoms it emerges as a result of the competition of these thoughts. We can even convert those suffering from health concerns Taking care of our health only takes away the joys of life. Although this should not be the case. Today’s steps bring relief when understood and applied.

racing thoughts

Exercise the mind and exercise the body too.

As these out-of-control thoughts are neutralized, the physiology will reset itself quiet state. That’s quite an achievement in a world of information overload and never-ending to-do lists. I believe we can do this together, so let’s get started and comment below with your biggest takeaways from today’s anxiety boy podcast episode.

racing thoughts

Show notes about Race of Thoughts from today’s Podcast Episode:

Problem recognition – You can’t change anything until you notice enough pain and associate it with what you want to change.

Education – Recognizing what you want to change comes down to some degree of willpower, and the level of willpower is determined by how much you eat and how much you sleep next time (Youtube Anxiety Affirmations will help).

Choice – The ability to choose an idea or implement a skill set that will change your path from catastrophic story to fear to neutral.

Activity – A behavioral response that matches your chosen perception.

The result – The result is obtained. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is, the important thing is to persevere in this reconditioning until your new ways of perceiving and acting align with the real you.

The result – It is a general recognition of what tool is in place, how it is handled, the result we get and how we feel about the result. At the end of the day, the most important question to ask yourself is, did my subconscious mind/inner child belief systems run the day, or did my enhanced belief systems controlled by my conscious adult mind rule the day?

To stop the competition of ideas, you also need to feel worthy of new ideas. Not only that, but as you value yourself, you need to embrace your own limitless inner potential rather than convince yourself that it’s impossible. Being more than a nuisance requires insight, courage, commitment and caution. Trust the road.

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