One of the most important angst boy podcast episodes of recent times. Today we take an in-depth look at what’s holding you back from inner transformation:

The Anxiety Boy podcast show notes:

Do you always try to calm yourself down when you feel anxious? If so, you are playing into a very creative defense mechanism of the subconscious mind/Inner Transformation Child that wants to keep you in the realm of safety in the midst of suffering.

Safety in suffering is the greatest obstacle to overcome in inner transformation.

internal transformation

The 800-pound emotional bag carried in the subconscious mind body cannot be lightened by just looking to calm the nervous system.

However, if new comments are made on things hanging on it calming exercise can partially alleviate this burden. However, the intention to find clarity must be made before the calming exercise, otherwise we will rely on the exercise alone to heal ourselves, which is often not the case.

To heal anxiety, we must find peace with our past relationships that have driven us into fear, suppressed anger, and guilt.

To find peace, we must express what we fear to express in a way that increases vulnerability and uncertainty. The need for certainty stems from perfectionism, which is a program that operates largely on an unconscious level. When uncertainty and certainty find balance, we can find peace once again.

Practically speaking: Use one of my reframing videos on YouTube each day for the next 7 days and allow expression to reach a higher level and help you shed your old ways of perfectionism.

Along these lines, allow the speed of reframing to guide you to your gut feeling, which will show you that you can respond consciously rather than unconsciously in moments of doubt and fear.

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