Today I felt that the best way to approach my audience is to thank them. So, today every anxiety warrior needs to hear…

Show notes:

Thank you to other healers who work tirelessly to improve themselves and provide wonderful solutions to suffering people. Thank you for trusting me, this podcast, my videos (YouTube)in my programs. I feel that this is a relationship between me and you now, a beautiful relationship that will grow into a beautiful relationship as long as we both live.

Every anxiety fighter needs to hear these words.

We work together now, with my knowledge and your inner wisdom we can see the light, and we must be sure to put ourselves in vulnerability and uncertainty from time to time to make that light a true reality for us. Anxiety gave us an opportunity, an opportunity to be more than ourselves past traumasending and finding addictive generational patterns of anxiety and suffering Inner peace and love yourself once more.

Every anxiety fighter needs to hear this

As your vibration rises, so does the vibration of everyone around you, which will create a unified world, not one divided by the manipulative words of today’s so-called leaders.

As we connect more deeply, we can feel and no longer feel a deep connection to the flow anxiety symptoms lead us down the path of disaster, but rather a sense of wonder and curiosity, like when we were children, beautiful and open-hearted children.

I thank you for the blessings you have given me and I will meditate today you will want nothing more than to release your suffering, your pain, and release it once and for all, so that you can tap into the courage within you, the courage to be yourself, and all your flaws.

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