Stopping anxiety and the momentum it gathers in the mind and body is certainly possible. However, for this you will need some powerful techniques for anxiety and they are here…

During my years of living with an anxiety disorder (My story on YouTube) I relied heavily on gathering information and knowledge from outside in the hope that there would be a change within me. I was really scared to heal, scared to change and scared to take responsibility for my GAD and health concerns. I realized that I needed to equip myself with some skills, more specifically, some “answering” skills.

Because without them, we will only be relying on a miracle, which is good. But miracles only happen when we do our part to heal anxiety.

stop worrying

To stop worrying, you have to master the art of responding.

Responding simply means being aware of when your unconscious side is taking over the situation and making a conscious response. This “capture” involves perception, action, imagination, and in any other way that our protective parties may interfere with the situation. It’s all good, in fact our unconscious sides make life more efficient for us in the short term.

However, often this efficiency-seeking side of us needs to update what it believes about ourselves and the world, and this is where our conscious mind comes into play.

When you truly heal your anxiety, life is different, very different.

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime because it really is a trip.

It’s actually an inner journey, one that requires an open mind to the perceptions of others and an open heart to yourself intuitive management. In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast, we’re going to stop worrying together. This will turn you into an observer rather than a reactor to your inner fears and irrational stories. With practice, you will truly master yourself and become more than anxious.

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