Shallow breathing keeps us stuck in patterns and habits that perpetuate anxiety and keep us living in fear. But today, with the help of Brian Kelly’s breathing exercises for anxiety, we’re going to unlock the calm and peace you’ve always wanted.

As mentioned in today’s episode of the Anxiety Boy podcast, I went into Brian’s breathing exercise with an open mind and heart. I knew the power of our breath change our internal environment for the better, but I didn’t know the results would come so quickly (toward my own intentions for healing and those around me). I became truly convinced of the power of breathing to effect positive change and bring peace to our inner worlds.

Breathing exercises have the potential to change your entire life and end anxiety.

Does it take commitment? Surely.

However, your commitment will not go unnoticed by your subconscious mind/inner child (this Youtube video explains). Many times we wonder how much time and energy we should put into something and whether the end result is really worth our efforts. This kind of negotiation keeps us from changing our identities and core belief systems, and immediately brings us back to a familiar but uncomfortable place.

Let breathing exercises for anxiety enter your life unexpectedly.

Don’t put a timer on how quickly you heal, but rather enjoy the process of learning and practicing. Brian Kelly opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know much about, and he will surely do the same for you. Yes, breathing practices can be focused on, as mentioned in today’s anxiety guy podcast episode healing traumasituational anxiety or any kind suppressed emotions he needs freedom.

Let today be the first day you start and tackle breathing exercises for the anxiety warrior. Enjoy the episode.

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