Anxiety sufferers need help with addictions, but many of them still don’t know what they are. Today I will open your mind to the truth about your anxiety disorder, the truth behind your current state of anxiety.

When we think of an addiction, most of us only think of the substance. But the truth is that there is another form of addiction that works below the level of conscious awareness, which draws you into a world that feels real, but distracts you from living a creative life, away from anxiety. As we begin to get internal help for our anxiety-related addictions, we realize how much of what we do is action. but not personality. Doing but not being.

Tapping into inner help with addictions brings us one step closer to understanding our troubled selves.

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A few notes from today’s anxious boy podcast episode for your deeper understanding:

  • All internal dependencies are there subconscious motivation behind them, a reason to continue an action because it serves a purpose or satisfies a need.
  • These addictions are habits that have become part of our daily lives and prevent us from seeing the truth about things and only perpetuate our anxiety.
  • Be honest with yourself. An action that brings you an internal addiction conscious awareness it begins to create curiosity and diminishes the power held by irrational fear.

For a person suffering from anxiety, how wonderful it can be to make a first sincere acceptance of change. When they open themselves up to see signs of distress (It is explained in this YouTube Video), a problematic situation, a person, a past experience, or something else.

The biggest thing missing from anxiety is empowerment. We must draw strength from our unconscious sides.

I invite you to guide yourself in helping addictions in today’s anxiety podcast episode.

Let them lead you to take the next step you need to move into new inner territory, new perspectives anxiety recovery ladder. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your anxiety recovery journey.

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