Are you ready to hear the biggest misconception about anxiety today? I hope this will make a lasting difference in the way you think about your recovery. Sit back and please enjoy this anxiety podcast episode.

Podcast show notes:

How long have we been playing this mental tug of war with the 95% of us that dictates our perceptions and behaviors known as the subconscious mind. the inner childwe’ll feel crazier and go deeper down the rabbit hole.

Take positive thinking for example. Positive thinking is great for stress, but it’s a useless solution for anxiety because it forces the subconscious mind to change, which creates resistance, therefore creating more tension and stiffness. I’m a big fan of positive thinking, just not chronically tired anxiety patient.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes the 5% conscious mind can influence the 95% subconscious mind when given enough evidence and emotion to support a new thought that counters the irrational fear. But in most cases, progress is short-lived unless the body engages and cooperates with the mindset change.

The biggest missing component in anxiety recovery today is the body. I don’t have time today, nor do I want to go into the details of how to do this, because that would be too much for you in one day. Instead, your responsibility today is to recognize the need to use the body as the first and most important pillar in almost all change work you do. trauma work, imageryand exposure case.

When I talk about exposure work, yes, we bring the body with us to discover the safety of any situation, but the question is, do we control the body or does the body control us? So that’s what you need from me today in this episode of the worried boy podcast.

Anxiety quote of the day from this podcast:

“The biggest missing component in our anxiety treatment work today is the cooperation of the body.”

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