The journey of anxiety recovery can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes even lead to depressive episodes. In today’s episode, we dive deep into 3 very important questions to ask yourself about your personal healing journey. Please enjoy (show notes below).

Show notes for this episode

Your journey to recovery from anxiety requires self-will and continued determination. In this new episode, I explore three important questions to help you reduce and ultimately heal from anxiety.

The first question is about what you really want. Ask yourself this question and take a closer look at the answer you will receive from both the subconscious and conscious brains. Then ask yourself if you really deserve it. This is an interesting question because you will often get conflicting answers subconscious and conscious minds.

Be very careful to get the correct answer to this question. The third and final question is whether you can afford it. In this third question, you should explore the skills you have to help you recover from anxiety.

This episode is for anyone who struggles with anxiety and is uncertain whether or not they will recover from it. By asking yourself these questions, you are setting yourself on the right path to recovery from this anxiety.

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Episode outline
[00:00] Episode introduction
[01:00] Self-destructive questions
[02:09] First question: What do you want?
[03:08] use your imagination to channel your anxiety
[04:37] Second question: Do I deserve it?
[04:52] How to access the subconscious mind
[06:58] Question three: Can I get it?
[07:26] Three components of therapeutic anxiety
[09:35] Summary of the question
[10:56] Be more present and aware
[13:20] End of the episode
[13:56] End


“Thinking about questions, I don’t think about the questions I ask myself when I’m in pain and anxiety, I used to ask myself: why is this symptom here? How much? Will this anxiety be here for the rest of my life? Such questions keep you in a vibration of lack, anxiety, subconscious and conscious fear.”

“Let me tell you something, this is very common with the universe and the inner child. So if you say I just want to treat anxiety, you know you’re always going to ask yourself the same question and get the same answer. When you ask yourself what do I want? You want to be specific. What would it look like through your five senses? Through your five senses, you want to heal when you heal what is. What will you see? in you? What will you hear? What will you feel? What will you smell? What will you taste? You know, these are special types of language that your subconscious mind understands.”

“It’s often said that we need to focus on what we want to manifest, such as financial freedom or other lifestyle components, right? However, this universal law does not change for anxiety, you must visualize very clearly what this end goal looks like and see it with your inner eye every day. Not only do you need to see it, but you need to feed it daily in the ways your intuition tells you is best. Yes, we see it. But we also want to feed him every day.”

“Don’t just get caught up in the (inner child’s) interpretations of an event and where this world is headed. Because if you allow the subconscious mind of the inner child to control your thinking, then you are no different from your inner child.”

“There are three components anxiety recovery. I narrowed it down. Number one is the right mindset in terms of your daily approach to anxiety. Number two is emotional reframing, we use emotional reframing techniques to clear the past to offer safety to the mental body in the present. So there is a reframing aspect. The third is how we respond to fear in this anxiety recovery journey.”

“It is the subconscious mind that limits our ability to see this immensity through primal feelings, bodily symptoms, and reminders of the past. And it is the conscious mind that tends to build upon these doubts.”

As mentioned at the end of this episode, I want to start making your mind more and more aware of the differences between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind. The difference is huge because both have different jobs. However, one will keep you stuck in the past and the other is a component to create your future.

Your anxiety recovery journey is your command, yours to lead, so lead with confidence that your healing is imminent.

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anxiety recovery journey

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