Recovering from your anxiety depends heavily on your ability to reduce your focus on your irrational fears and increase your awareness of them. In today’s podcast we dive deep into one of the most important elements to healing your anxiety, please enjoy (show notes below).

Podcast Show Notes

Awareness and attention are one of the many factors that prevent people from overcoming anxiety. In this new episode, I explore the difference between awareness and attention and the implications of both in the anxiety recovery journey.

Awareness is generally the ability to be aware of different things at the same time, while attention is focusing on one particular thing. In your quest to recover from anxiety, you probably focus on distracting yourself from certain triggers. But human psychology (this YouTube audiobook explains the anxiety of the brain)how it works is that the more you focus on avoiding these triggers, the more anxiety you will suffer. Instead of attention, you need to be aware.

If you struggle with anxiety and are looking for better and proven ways to overcome it, then join me in this episode as I explore the differences between awareness and attention.

Episode outline

[00:00] Episode introduction
[01:43] Dennis shares his personal experience with anxiety
[02:43] Definition of Enlightenment
[03:53] Difference between attention and awareness and its application
[05:25] How to avoid anxiety
[06:24] Focusing on something specific
[07:56] Attention versus awareness in practice
[08:41] The role of attention in meditation
[10:00] End of the episode
[10:50] End

Quotes from this podcast episode

“Information is being aware of several things, but not focusing on one particular thing. Attention is like a kind of flashlight, it focuses on a personal thing and all its features.

“Your response to the easy versus the hard is the comment that your inner child wants you to pay more attention to so that things don’t change, and you continue to fear what isn’t here for protection and familiarity. .”

“Our ability to see the other side of the story, the safer or neutral side that can potentially, or even rapidly, relieve anxiety is key. So, friends, starting today, this doesn’t mean putting too much pressure on yourself and starting today I’m going to be this super aware person, but from now on I’m not going to pay full attention to my fears.

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