Tired of struggling with negative emotions and feeling like you’re not making any progress? In this episode I talk about the concept of surrendering negative emotions to achieve freedom from worry. Enjoy!

Surrender means to stop fighting and anxiously seek solutions to anxiety and allow the desired outcome to arise without resistance. It is surrender a conscious act, but does not require force or push. It can be associated with letting go, letting go and surrendering

I further emphasize the importance of connecting with a higher power or source of energy to facilitate surrender. However, I don’t want to get into an argument about which religion or spiritual practice is better. I believe that each person will lead the way towards what they believe is best for them.

In this episode, I emphasize that everyone is at a different stage in their journey to anxiety freedom, and some may need conscious skill sets to surrender. you can also see techniques like Emotional Reframing (trauma) and NLP (answers fear) on my YouTube channel to help answer the lower self or inner child.

One of the key takeaways from this episode is the importance of accommodating negative emotions in the body and feeling their presence towards freedom from anxiety.

By surrendering them to something natural, like the world, God, or nature, you can begin to release the tension from the lower self that lingers with too much mental activity. Surrendering negative emotions without force or will is the key to accepting positive emotions and moving up the healing ladder.

“Surrender is the last act self love and self care.” So, if you’re ready to let go of negative emotions and find freedom from worry, tune in to this episode now.

Episode outline

[00:00] Episode Introduction
[01:40] The definition of surrender
[03:08] Act of Conscious Surrender
[04:34] Different Stages of Healing Among People
[05:41] Contact your higher self for appropriate answers
[07:01] Differences between Lower Self and Higher Self
[08:11] Being ready to go
[09:19] Practical steps to surrender
[11:35] End of the episode
[12:34] End

Quotes from this podcast episode

“Surrender means no longer fighting the madness, looking for solutions and allowing whatever outcome may arise.”

“Surrendering is easier if your connection to Source energy is already there. You know, I don’t want to get into the God debate. I never want to convince you that one way of thinking about energy source, existence, religion, spiritual practice is better than another. I’m not about that. Every person here on this earth will at some point be directed to what they believe is best for them in terms of what a higher power means. If you have a relationship with that higher power and are able to surrender those emotions to something unseen, surrendering is more easily accomplished, but now surrendering is still a conscious act.

“So you have to start thinking that a conscious action doesn’t have to be something you do. A conscious move can be something you don’t actually have to oppose or create. A conscious act can easily be associated with allowing, letting go, and surrendering.

“When you begin to consciously surrender, you open yourself up to guidance from your higher self. You no longer touch information from others over the years. You are now downloading wisdom that is directly related to your personal and intimate journey.”

“The higher self says, and the moment you believe it and walk hand in hand with it, you rise in consciousness.”

The result

Freedom from anxiety is the result coming to terms with your protective aspects. The motivation to maintain these intrusive thoughts, body tension, and focus on danger rather than safety is powerful. When we begin to convince ourselves that the world is not what we think, the pressure will dissipate. This is where real anxiety heals.

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Check out The Anxiety Guy on YouTube for anxiety recovery videos

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