In today’s episode of the Anxious Boy podcast, we look at the top signs of anxiety recovery. Are you focusing on any of these points in your own anxiety healing journey? Share in the comment section below and enjoy!

Podcast Show Notes

Hello everyone, this is your friend Dennis Lightning, host of the Anxiety Boy podcast. Today’s episode is dedicated to exploring the signs of anxiety recovery. Are you ready to explore and discover these signs of transformation?

In today’s episode, I present to you “10 Signs of Anxiety Recovery You Should Know.” I strongly believe that recognizing these signs can make you more aware of your progress and give you hope for the future. a brighter future.

During this episode, I explore the different forms of healing symptoms of anxiety, including the mental, verbal, emotional, and physical realms. By understanding these different dimensions, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of our healing journey.

Now let’s take a closer look at 10 signs that cure anxiety.

  • The first sign is slowing down.

As we progress in our treatment, we learn to accept a slower pace, allowing ourselves time and space to heal. This intentional slowing down helps us reconnect with our inner selves and find solace in the present moment.

  • The second sign involves allowing ourselves to make mistakes.

Anxiety often comes with the fear of failure, but as we heal, we come to understand that making mistakes is a natural part of growing. By accepting our imperfections, we can let go of the fear that holds us back and move forward with greater courage and resilience.

  • The third sign revolves around developing greater self-love.

Self-compassion becomes a guiding force when we recognize our worth and treat ourselves with kindness and understanding. This self-love serves as the foundation for our healing journey.

  • Then, our need for control diminished.

Anxiety often stems from an overwhelming desire to control every aspect of our lives. However, as we move forward, we learn to surrender control and trust the flow of life (Allowing this meditation on my YouTube channel will help). This newfound freedom allows us to let go of unnecessary burdens and experience a sense of freedom.

  • The fifth sign is to laugh more.

Laughter is a powerful anxiety reliever because it relieves tension and invites joy into our lives. As we heal, we rediscover the ability to find humor in everyday situations and adopt a lighter, more playful outlook.

  • Becoming more spontaneous is the sixth sign of anxiety recovery.

Anxiety tends to keep us rigid and structured, but as we heal, we learn to let go of over-planning and embrace spontaneity. It opens up new possibilities and allows you to experience the joy of living in the present moment.

  • The seventh sign is a lack of time for drama.

As we heal, we become more mindful of the energy we allow into our lives. We realize that drama only wears us down and instead choose to surround ourselves with positivity and uplifting experiences.

  • Being more creative is the eighth symptom of anxiety recovery.

Engaging in creative mediums feeds our soul and provides an outlet for self-expression. As we tap into our creative potential, we find solace and discover new dimensions of ourselves.

  • Feeling more comfortable is the ninth sign.

Anxiety often makes us feel uneasy and anxious, but as we heal, we develop a deep sense of inner peace. This peace of mind becomes our anchor in the midst of life’s storms and allows us to face challenges with grace and resilience.

  • Finally, the tenth sign is to think less.

Overthinking is a common trait among anxious people, but as we progress in our recovery, we learn to silence our mind’s incessant chatter. This allows us to make faster decisions and trust our intuition.

As a bonus feature, I recommend reducing the time you spend on your phone. Constant stimulation and comparison on social media can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. By disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting with yourself and your surroundings, you create space for healing and self-discovery.

By recognizing the healing symptoms of this anxiety, you can consciously engage with your progress

Episode outline

  • [00:00] Episode Introduction
  • [01:23] Signs of anxiety recovery
  • [02:16] A signature – Slow down
  • [03:14] Two signatures – you make a mistake
  • [04:00] Three signatures – more love for yourself
  • [04:57] Fourth sign – Less need for control
  • [05:50] Five signs – Laugh more
  • [07:27] Six signs – More spontaneous
  • [08:48] Seven signatures – No time for drama
  • [09:44] Eight sign – Be more creative
  • [10:31] Sign of nine – You think less
  • [11:35] Ten signatures – You agree
  • [11:52] The purpose of life
  • [12:56] Bonus sign – not being on your phone
  • [15:03] End


  • Signs of recovery from anxiety can manifest as mental symptoms where our prioritized thoughts change from negative to positive. They can come in the form of verbal cues where we share our creative ideas more often in social settings
  • we often feel that we need to be in control of a certain situation or even that we need to be in control of our physical body at all times. And if we don’t have that sense of control, we feel out of control, don’t we? But this is a lie. It’s a program, it’s conditioning based around past beliefs and other people’s belief systems.

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